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Plant Based Bestsellers Combo (3-Pack)

This product is:Vegan

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Plant Based Bestsellers Combo (3-Pack)

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Plant Based Bestsellers Combo (3-Pack)
A nawabi take on plant based kebabs, this healthy seekh will transport you to a nirvana like no other. A modern twist on a classic, this Vegan Popcorn Chicken precisely mimics the infamous fried chicken. Soft on the inside and super crunchy on the outside, this classic favourite is a perfect game night snack or even your binge partner. Whether you’re craving your fav street chicken momos or dreaming of chicken momos from a Himalayan mountain top, get ready to fall in love with these vegan chicken momos, made with high-quality plant-based protein.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are all vegan products.
At Sudo, we believe in keeping food delicious while making it a cruelty free and guilt free experience. Even though the Seekh Kebab, Popcorn & Momos are vegan, they taste just like your chicken favourites - some say better.
Our Vegan Momos and Seekh Kebab contain 12g and 16g protein respectively per 100g serving and are mainly made from soy. Our Popcorn Chicken contains 23g protein per 100g serving and is mainly made from seitan.
Neither of the products have any cholesterol. Your body is going to thank you for making the switch.
For the Seekh Kebab - Pre-heat the pan with oil on medium heat. Then gently place kebabs on the pan. And cook for 6 minutes on each side, turning carefully, until browned. Do not thaw before cooking. For the Popcorn - Although deep frying the popcorn means more crunch and more punch, you can choose to shallow fry it or air fry it. To deep fry, heat the oil in a deep pan to 180℃. Gently lower the frozen popcorn into the oil and fry for 1.5 minutes till crisp and golden brown. Do not thaw before cooking. For the Momos - For steaming, lightly oil the bottom of your steamer or idli cooker & steam momos for 6 minutes. To pan fry, preheat 2tbsp of oil in a non-stick pan. Cook momos until bottoms are evenly browned. Add 2tbsp of water then cover and cook for 3 mins, remove the cover and cook until bottoms are crispy.
The seekh kebab contains soy, wheat and nuts and the popcorn contains wheat. The momos contain soy, gluten and celery.
Each pack of Seekh Kebab has 5 kebabs. Each pack of Popcorn Chicken comes with 16-18 pieces and Each pack of Momos come with 10 pieces.


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