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We are now one step closer to our goal.

Yep, Sudo Foods is going Plastic-Positive with The Disposal Company.

We believe one step forward is one step closer!

What is plastic positivity?

Plastic Positivity refers to the practice of removing the same amount of plastic from the environment that a brand produces. But this alone only makes us Plastic Neutral. We decided to take it one step further by recycling more plastic than we use….

That is, for every kg of plastic produced, 1 kg of plastic waste is recovered from municipal waste before it reaches landfills and is recycled by government-approved projects. In addition to this, we have integrated an API at the checkout page that helps us recycle more plastic, by inviting a small contribution from customers.

With that, we can now proudly call ourselves Plastic Positive.

How it works

In exchange for every kilogram of plastic we use, The Disposal Company removes and cleans the environment of an equivalent amount of plastic waste.

This investment by us and through your contribution has far-reaching impacts to realize our dream of a sustainable future.

How can you help?

You can ensure that your purchase makes a difference by adding a small amount of Rs. 5 towards Plastic Positivity during checkout. Your contribution is safely transferred to CPCB-certified impact projects to keep the promised amount of plastic out of our oceans and landfills :)

Plastic credits are tangible, credible, and traceable units given by certified waste management companies such as The Disposal Company. One plastic credit is equal to one kilogram of recycled plastic. When the company's total plastic usage is balanced, it achieves Plastic Neutrality. But, when the company recycles more plastic than they originally require, it becomes Plastic Positive. And it is made possible by the consumers who contribute to plastic recycling during shopping.

The Disposal Company provides the Sustainability™ certification seal, which is the benchmark for plastic-neutral and positive brands. The Disposal Company is an authorized Plastic Waste Recycling Impact project certified by the Central Pollution Control Board of India under PWM Rules.

At the checkout page, you will see a small box that allows you to make your purchase Plastic Neutral. When you check that box, a small amount is added to your order. This is the amount required to recover and recycle the plastic from your order. The amount is small, but the impact is meaningful.

No, plastic-free would mean that no plastic is used in our operations. We use plastic, but we completely offset our plastic footprint to compensate for our environmental impact. We are Plastic Neutral because, for every gram of plastic we use, we help fund the ethical recycling of another gram of plastic waste. With your help, we can be Plastic Positive by recycling more plastic than we use!

As a brand committed to sustainability, we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve. So, write to us at contact@sudofoods.com!

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