Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations In India

Embarking on a vegan travel guide (vegan-friendly travel destinations) in India may seem overwhelming, but fear not! With the help of this vegan travel guide, you'll be able to relish the cuisine of some of India's most vegan-friendly destinations. From Bangalore's lively streets to Pondicherry's fusion vegan appetizers, we'll find the city's greatest dairy-free & plant-based alternatives. So get ready to enjoy the vegan cuisine of India by packing your baggage to vegan-friendly travel destinations (vegan travel guide).

Is It Hard To Travel As A Vegan?

Traveling as a vegan may present certain challenges, but with proper planning & research, it can be a rewarding & enjoyable experience. While some locations may have limited vegan options, others have embraced the vegan movement & provide a wide selection of plant-based dishes

To explain your dietary preferences, you must become familiar with the local food & language. Also, using online resources & vegan travel guides can assist you in locating vegan-friendly restaurants & accommodations in your selected location.

Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations In India

India's vibrant culinary culture & vegetarian traditions make it an ideal travel destination for vegans. Few of the best vegan-friendly travel destinations in India:


Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations In India

Bangalore is the heart of India's Silicon Valley, offering many vegan options. For a delightful vegan dining experience, you can visit Carrots Restaurant, a popular vegan establishment known for its special menu featuring dishes from various cuisines. For a quick bite, try the vegan-friendly food truck "The Real Green Cafe," serving mouthwatering wraps & burgers. To satisfy your sweet tooth, head to Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe, where you can indulge in vegan desserts & dairy-free smoothies.

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Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations In India

Hyderabad (the city of Nizams) has embraced the vegan revolution with open arms. You can experience the flavors of authentic Hyderabadi cuisine at the renowned Jewel of Nizam - The Minar, which gives a separate vegan menu featuring flavorful biryanis & delectable curries. Next, for a casual dining experience, visit The Terrassen Cafe, known for its vegan-friendly Mediterranean dishes & refreshing smoothies. & take advantage of the vegan-friendly street food options at Tank Bund, where you can savor spicy vegan dosas & delectable mirchi bhajjis.

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Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations In India

Chennai (the capital of Tamil Nadu) is a culinary paradise for vegans. When it comes to dairy-free delights, this city has you covered. You can start your day with a traditional South Indian idli & coconut chutney breakfast at Murugan Idli Shop & more. For a filling lunch, head to VeganeR, India's first vegan restaurant, known for its delicious vegan thali & innovative plant-based dishes. Take advantage of the vegan pizzas at That Madras Place, where you can indulge in cruelty-free cheesy goodness.

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Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations In India

Kolkata (the cultural capital of India) presents a delightful collection of vegan options that will tantalize your taste buds. Troll the bustling streets of Park Street & indulge in vegan delights at Flurys, an iconic bakery known for its delectable dairy-free pastries & cakes. For a savory experience, visit Kasturi Restaurant, where you can relish vegan versions of traditional Bengali dishes like shorshe ilish & aloo posto. Wrap up your culinary journey with a visit to Govinda's, a vegan restaurant serving delicious North Indian & Chinese fare.

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Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations In India

Pune (the cultural hub of Maharashtra) is steadily becoming a vegan haven. Begin your day with a vegan breakfast at Cafe Peter Donuts, where you can enjoy freshly baked vegan donuts & sandwiches. For lunch, head to Goodluck Cafe, a vegan-friendly restaurant offering a variety of dairy-free & plant-based dishes, including vegan burgers & sandwiches. Round off your day with a visit to Marz-O-Rin, a legendary bakery known for its vegan-friendly desserts & snacks.

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Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations In India

The bustling metropolis of Delhi is home to a vibrant vegan community & many dairy-free dining options. You can indulge in vegan delicacies at Veg Gulati, a renowned restaurant specializing in authentic vegan North Indian cuisine. Next, to taste international flavors, visit Vegan Burger Kitchen, where you can relish vegan versions of classic burgers & wraps. And Vegan Bites is a popular vegan bakery offering various delectable dairy-free treats.


Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations In India

Rajasthan, known for its rich history & palaces, also offers vegan-friendly options. For example, the traditional Rajasthani thali can be customized to exclude dairy & include vegan dishes like Dal Baati Churma, Gatte ki Sabzi, & Bajre ki Roti. Additionally, you can find vegan-friendly cafes & restaurants in the city.


Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations In India

Dharamshala (little Lhasa of India), situated in the Himalayan foothills, is a popular destination to relax, greenery sightseeing, & chill out & also a favorite among spiritual seekers & nature lovers. The town has several vegan-friendly cafes & restaurants that serve organic & plant-based cuisine. For example, some cafes can offer Tibetan dishes like vegan momos & thukpa or other dishes easily customized in a vegan style.


Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations In India

Goa, known for its beaches & vibrant nightlife, has a growing vegan scene. Numerous beachside shacks & restaurants offer vegan options, including vegan versions of Goan delicacies like mushroom xacuti, vegetable vindaloo & vegan seafood. Also, visit places like Cantine Indienne, Gunpowder, & Black Sheep Bistro & Gelato factory for a memorable vegan dining & dessert treat experience.


Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations In India

Pondicherry, with its French influence, is another vegan-friendly destination in India. The city boasts a variety of vegan & vegetarian cafes that serve dishes inspired by French & Indian cuisines. Try vegan-friendly crepes, croissants, & other plant-based delights at cafes like Vegan Zeals, Surguru, Earth Story & more.


India is an excellent place for vegan-friendly travel destinations. With the rise in popularity of veganism, many destinations in India have incorporated the concept & now provide a wide variety of vegan-friendly options. Vegans can travel & stay committed to their dietary preferences if they plan ahead, use online tools, & embrace the local culture. So pack your bags & head to India for a vegan adventure!

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Q1. Can vegans fly on planes?

Ans. Yes, vegans can fly on planes. Many airlines offer pre-orderable vegan meal options when reserving a flight. However, informing the airline in advance of your dietary preferences is advisable to ensure that a vegan meal is available during your flight.

Q2. How do vegans eat when traveling?

Ans. Vegans can consume while traveling simply by researching vegan-friendly restaurants & markets at their destination. When vegan options are limited, carrying munchies such as nuts, fruits, & energy bars is also beneficial. Also, learning a few key vegan-related words in the local language can help you tell restaurant staff about your dietary preferences.

Q3. Which state in India is most vegetarian?

Ans. Gujarat is widely known for its predominantly vegetarian population. Gujarati cuisine provides a wide variety of vegetarian & vegan dishes, including the famous Gujarati thali, which consists of lentil preparations, vegetable curries, & flatbreads. Other vegetarian states in India are mentioned above in vegan travel guide.

Q4. Which country is pure vegetarian?

Ans. There is no country where everyone is a vegetarian, but countries like India & Nepal have many vegetarians & offer many vegetarian & vegan choices. These nations are good for vegan travelers because of their extensive vegetarian customs.

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