Best Vegan Snacks For Тhіs Rainy Season

The coming of the monsoon season brings the revitalizing aroma of newly rained-upon ground & the mesmerizing rhythm of pouring rains. When it rains, we feel nice to stay indoors & munch on some goodies. And what better way to achieve it than with healthy & environmentally friendly vegan snacks? If you're a vegan or just curious about new foods, let's try delicious vegan snacks on this rainy season.

9 Plant Based Snacks During The Rainy Season

Enjoy the rainy season with open arms & a full stomach with these nine delicious vegan delicacies:


1. Crispy Plant-Based Pakoras: 

Best vegan Snacks For Rainy season

As the rain begins to fall, our soul desires something crispy, & vegan pakoras match perfectly. Vegan pakoras are a popular choice during the monsoon season due to their exquisite crunchiness. A hot cup of tea pairs well with these golden-fried fritters, which come in several flavors (from the usual potato & onion to spinach & cauliflower). 


2. Vegan Chicken Popcorn

Best vegan Snacks For Rainy season

If you want to spice things up, Sudo's Vegan Chicken Popcorn will take your pakora eating to a new level. These tasty Chicken Popcorn morsels are great on their own or as a protein addition to your favorite salad or wrap. Try mixing your favorite salad greens with frozen vegan popcorn, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, & avocado for a tasty twist. Try a vegetarian popcorn chicken dish with honey chili sauce if you want something more decadent.


3. Vegan Momos

Best vegan Snacks For Rainy season

Momos are the ideal pick-me-up on a rainy day since they are warm & cozy. These bite-sized morsels of savory goodness are the finest dipped in a spicy marinating sauce that brings out the full flavor of the veggies & aromatic spices.

If you want to experience the magic of plant-based momos without the hassle of creating your own, give Sudo Foods' Vegan Chicken Miracle Momos a try. Preparation takes only 6 minutes, simple & fast. Steam momos for 6 minutes or pan fry till crispy brown.


4. Classic Vegan Samosa

Best vegan Snacks For Rainy season

Samosas are the most famous & every day of all Indian street foods. These triangular treats, stuffed with a flavorful blend of spiced potatoes & peas, are a must-have during the rainy season.

If you want a vegan alternative to traditional keema, try Sudo's Plant-Based Keema Samosas. Plant-Based Keema Samosas are a delicious addition to the appetizer spread, & they taste just like the original samosas, except they're made with vegan keema instead of meat. 


5. Vegan Burger Patties:

Best vegan Snacks For Rainy season

Make your own tasty vegetarian burgers using Sudo's plant-based patties. Mix with some of your favorite condiments & whole wheat bread & you've got a satisfying meal. Vegan burger patties are easy to make, & you can customize the recipe to your liking.


6. Vegan Spicy Chaat

Best vegan Snacks For Rainy season

The monsoon isn't complete without some spicy, delicious chaat. With options like Bhel Puri, Papdi Chaat, & Dahi Puri, chaat caters to various taste buds. You can add some crunch to your chaat with vegan snacks from Sudo Foods, such as Vegan Chicken Popcorn or Vegan Seekh Kebabs.


7. Veg Seekh Kebab:

Best vegan Snacks For Rainy season

For a satisfying evening during the rainy season, serve Sudo's delectable vegan seekh kebabs with a healthy serving of rice or quinoa & a selection of grilled vegetables. Make a tabouleh/Mediterranean salad with vegan seekh kebab, or try veg keema pavveg keema paratha, or veg keema tacos for a tasty appetizer.


8. Vegan Galouti Kebab:

Best vegan Snacks For Rainy season

To spice things up or a proper meal, try Sudo's recipe for vegetarian galouti kebabs. For example, serve these kebabs with your choice of base—brown rice or quinoa—& steamed or roasted vegetables. Add some tahini sauce or vegan yogurt over the top for more flavor. 


9. Plant-Based Sweets:

Best vegan Snacks For Rainy season

End your snacking adventure on a sweet note with vegan sweets that will satiate your desires. There are many sweets to choose from, like vegan chocolate chip cookies, almond milk pudding, banana bread & more

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Celebrate the monsoon season with tasty vegan munchies. Savor the flavors, enjoy the rain, & rejoice in this dazzling season with these favorite vegan munchies & plant-based delights from Sudo Foods as the monsoon takes center stage. Sudo Foods' mission is to provide nutritious meals without compromising flavor. These Sudo's plant-based snacks are made of protein-packed, cholesterol-free, & preservative-free. Happy snacking!

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