Top Vegan-Friendly Restaurants and Cafe's In Goa

Goa, India's tropical paradise, is well-known for its beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, & diverse delicious foods. The coastal state may be best known for its seafood but it also has a vibrant vegan sector. 

Vegan restaurants in Goa have a wide range of tasty options from strict vegetarians & health-conscious diners to adventurous eaters. These restaurants are changing how people think about vegan food by serving anything from creative twists on classic Goan meals to innovative global cuisine. 

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Six Best Vegan Restaurants In Goa

Here's a list of Goa's six best vegan restaurants, each with its own personality & delicious menu items.

1. Vegan-Friendly Restaurant: Bean Me Up

Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurant in Goa

Bean Me Up, located on the shores of Vagator's Ozran beach, is an accommodation, breakfast, yoga studio, & mindful emporium catering to travelers. It also has an award-winning vegan restaurant in Goa. Bean Me Up was established on the principle that all sentient beings have the potential to coexist happily on our Earth. 

The restaurant serves only vegetarian options, without any meat or animal products. To promote healthy lifestyles, the restaurant uses local & organic cuisine. Preparing meals should also include specific food allergies.

This restaurant's staff excels at innovation, replacing ingredients, or recommending suitable alternatives.

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2. Vegan-Friendly Cafe: Hippies Gusto 

Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurant in Goa

Hippies Gusto Raw Vegan Ice Cream Café in Arambol is a one-of-a-kind treat for ice cream lovers. The cafe specializes in 100% raw, vegan, organic, & healthful ice cream options. Their ice cream is devoid of sugar, milk, eggs, & additives, making it suitable for various dietary restrictions.

Superfoods, with a full explanation of their benefits, are used in this cafe's ice cream. This gives the delectable delights a healthy twist. Moreover, Hippies Gusto offers customized ice cream options, allowing customers to tailor their selections to people's preferred tastes.

Also, this cafe ice cream is served in coconut containers to enhance the overall experience, which adds visual appeal & aligns with the cafe's natural & eco-friendly philosophy.

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3. Vegan-Friendly Cafe: German Bakery

Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurant in Goa

German Bakery, located in Anjuna, is a charming & friendly café serving a variety of vegan options. Even though there are no explicit vegan labels, the staff is knowledgeable about veganism & can assist customers in selecting vegan-friendly dishes.

German Bakery has a variety of vegan options, including a buckwheat roll with sautéed mushrooms, tofu in cashew curry, vegan chocolate cake, dark chocolate with nuts, chocolate bountiful style, gluten-free cookies, & a veganized salad without dairy cheese.

Conveniently, the German Bakery also offers a counter where customers may buy organic items like millet, herbs, & tea to take home after sampling some of the Bakery's delicious vegan food.

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4. Vegan-Friendly Cafe: Ruta's Roadhouse

Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurant in Goa

Ruta's Roadhouse, located in Assagao, is an appealing cottage-style café that offers both indoor & outdoor dining. The restaurant's menu is exquisite & features flavors from around the world. Ruta's Roadhouse is proud to produce all its products in-house, including specialty bread, crackers, jams, condiments, & more. It is owned by Chef Ruta, who relocated from San Francisco.

The menu at Ruta's Roadhouse features a variety of delectable vegan options. Also, they consider customers' nutritional needs by offering many varieties of nut milks. One of their notable vegan dishes is an omelet made with garbanzo flour & presented with a refreshing side salad. Coffee brewed in a French press with soy milk is an ideal complement to this nutritious & satisfying breakfast.

Ruta's Roadhouse in Assagao's charming atmosphere, extensive cuisine, & deliciously handmade treats make it a great place for vegans & non-vegans equally.

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5. Vegan-Friendly Cafe: Artjuna Café

Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurant in Goa

Artjuna Café, located in Anjuna, provides a charming, even more, pleasing atmosphere for families. The café offers a treehouse, a sandbox, & ample space for children to play & explore. Also, there is a store on-site that sells distinctive handmade jewelry & apparel to shoppers.

The café serves sandwiches, salads, mains, breakfast, fresh vegetable juices, & daily specials. It specializes in health food & Mediterranean cuisine. Falafels, hummus, & other mains & salads can all be made vegan, making Artjuna Café an excellent choice for anyone following a plant-based diet. Their orange & lime frizzier is delicious, & their dark chocolate sorbet is a vegan treat you'll love for. 

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6. Vegan-Friendly Cafe: Natti's Café

Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurant in Goa

Natti's Naturals Organic Foods & Café in Anjuna provides a delightful experience with various options. The building has a store that sells organic goods, a lively outdoor café, a shop, & a Yogashala, giving tourists a complete & healthy experience.

Natti's Café offers a variety of vegan alternatives, such as smoothies, superfood bowls, & breakfast bowls. Their vegan Mezze plate & Vegan abundance bowl are remarkable since they include delicious & healthy treats.

Natti's Café has "THE" vegan dessert, an acai berry cocoa cake that will blow your mind. This sweet treat is perfect for those who want to indulge without feeling guilty.

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Vegan-friendly restaurants in Goa stand out for their exceptional plant-based menus, making them must-visit destinations for vegans & anyone interested in delicious, nutritious cuisine.

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