Vegan-Friendly Restaurant In Mumbai

Mumbai, also known as the "city of dreams" & "commercial capital of India," is a bustling metropolis that welcomes people from all walks of life. Unsurprisingly, the city, with its vibrant culture & diverse culinary landscape, is now home to an increasing number of vegan restaurants. You may find a restaurant serving authentic Asian cooking or a cozy cafe serving Mediterranean & Italian dishes in Mumbai.

Top Vegan Restaurants In Mumbai

Let's explore this dream city's vegan cuisine! 

Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurant: Bombay Salad Co.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurant In Mumbaiv

Bombay Salad Co. in Bandra West is adored by vegetarians concerned with their health. Fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients are emphasized at Bombay Salad Co., which appeals to health-conscious customers. The menu features fresh salads, wraps, smoothies, sandwiches, & various beverages, all of which can be customized to suit vegan tastes. Their menu includes 'Breakfast Salad,' 'Cinnamon Hot Chocolate,' & a coconut Smoothie' for a healthy snack. The "Breakfast Salad" is known for being a wholesome way to start the day, whereas the "Coconut Smoothie" is refreshing & cool on a sweltering Mumbai afternoon.

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Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurant: Kitchen Garden by Suzette

Vegan-Friendly Restaurant In Mumbai

Kitchen Garden by Suzette is a European-inspired café in Bandra with a farm-to-table concept & customizable vegan options. The vegan options at Kitchen Garden reflect the restaurant's dedication to healthy, ethical eating. Their menu specialties include 'falafel with hummus' & 'vegan alternatives in sandwiches', a delectable Mediterranean treat. 

Best Vegan-Friendly Cafe: Rare Earth 

Vegan-Friendly Restaurant In Mumbai

Rare Earth Cafe, in the Khar neighborhood of Mumbai, is a pioneer in the vegan dining location in the city. This Cafe's commitment to sustainability goes beyond its vegan cuisine. This secret spot is a favorite of celebrities because of its eco-friendly, sustainable goals, & delicious cuisine. Their specialties, such as the 'Avocado Sandwich,' made with creamy avocado, are a must-try, & the 'Vegan Keema pav,' a unique take on traditional Indian food, is a welcome change.

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Best Vegan-Friendly Cafe: Birdsong 

Vegan-Friendly Restaurant In Mumbai

Birdsong Cafe, a Pali Hill restaurant in Bandra, with a farm-to-fork concept & a wide variety of vegan dishes in a relaxed setting flooded with natural light. The menu's variety ensures something for everyone, from dishes inspired by the Mediterranean to Indian classics. The farm-to-table philosophy of Birdsong Cafe is evident in their 'Creamy Quinoa Salad,' which is fresh & crunchy. 

Best Vegan-Friendly Cafe: Earthlings 

Vegan-Friendly Restaurant In Mumbai

Earthlings Cafe, crowned "India's Best Vegan Restaurant" by PETA India, lives up to its designation by providing a 100% vegan dining experience. It is located in Sundervan Complex, Mumbai. The café serves a variety of delectable American & Italian dishes & mock meat & dairy-free cheese options in a homey environment. Their most popular items are the delicious 'Shawarma salad' & the 'basil pesto.' 

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Best Vegan-Friendly Cafe: Farmer's Cafe

Vegan-Friendly Restaurant In Mumbai

Farmer's Cafe is located in Khar & serves a variety of vegan salads, sandwiches, & pastries. The restaurant's endless vegan menu has delicacies such as "Beetroot Hummus," "Hello, Sunrise," "Rainbow Pizza," & "Raspberry Almond Butter Chocolate Brownie." The 'Rainbow Pizza' at Farmer's Cafe, garnished with colorful vegetables & homemade vegan cheese, exemplifies the restaurant's commitment to serving nutritious vegan dishes. The 'Raspberry Almond Butter Chocolate Brownie' is an indulgent yet guilt-free dessert.

Best Vegan-Friendly Cafe: Imagine Cafe

Vegan-Friendly Restaurant In Mumbai

Imagine Cafe is a friendly all-vegan restaurant in the Central suburbs serving delicious Lebanese & Italian dishes. This cafe menu from savory alternatives to meat, including the irresistible "unMutton," spaghetti, salads, pizzas, hot chocolate, burgers, & mozzarella sticks. The lively atmosphere, complemented by a vertical garden, makes it an ideal spot to enjoy an all-natural vegan experience.

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Best Vegan-Friendly Cafe: Sequel Bistro

Vegan-Friendly Restaurant In Mumbai

Sequel Bistro in Bandra West provides true organic farm-fresh, vegan, & gluten-free options. Their menu specialties, such as 'Peruvian cacao smoothies' & 'Almond & coconut crepes,' are mouth-watering desserts. The 'Peruvian cacao smoothie' is a sweet & healthy treat made from cacao beans & other plant-based ingredients. At the same time, the 'Almond & Coconut Pancakes' is a tasty option for an unhurried brunch. 

Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurant: Plural

Vegan-Friendly Restaurant In Mumbai

Plural is a restaurant located in Fort that serves various Asian, continental, & Vietnamese cuisine. Their "Edamame Dimsums" & "Vietnamese Pizza" are one-of-a-kind dishes. The restaurant's exceptional flavors & well-balanced dishes set it apart from conventional pan-Asian restaurants. This Cafe's cozy atmosphere & friendly staff make it the ideal place to spend an evening with family & friends. 

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Best Vegan-Friendly Cafe: Garde Manger Café

Vegan-Friendly Restaurant In Mumbai

Garde Manger Café is a delightful corner café in Vile Parle East with an attractive atmosphere. The confectionary section of Garde Manger Cafe is a paradise for vegans with a sugar tooth. In addition to a vegan confectionary, it provides many other vegan food choices. Try their 'Soya Keema Pav' & brunch options available all day.  

Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurant: Nara Thai

Vegan-Friendly Restaurant In Mumbai

Nara Thai, a Thai restaurant in Colaba, delivers excellent food, some of which are suitable for vegans. Their delicious appetizers menu including the Mieng Taohu, which consists of fried tofu, cashew nuts, toasted coconut flakes, chili, & betel leaf. It is topped with a sweet tamarind sauce. Nara Thai offers an authentic atmosphere with a beautiful interior, flavorful dishes, & outstanding service. 

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Mumbai welcomes the vegan movement with various vegan-friendly restaurants for all tastes. These top vegan restaurants are redefining vegan cuisine with innovative & delicious dishes that are also healthful & satisfying. 

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