Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

India is known for its rich cultural history & many different customs. It is also home to a growing number of cruelty-free & vegan beauty brands. Natural, plant-based substances are used in producing various cosmetics sold under these labels, which benefit the skin & support moral & ethical business practices. 

Let's explore 17 Vegan Beauty Brands in India, the sustainable & compassionate beauty realm!

Best Cruelty-Free & Vegan Makeup Brands in India

1. Plum Goodness

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

Plum Goodness is a cruelty-free & vegan beauty brand with a broad selection of skincare & cosmetics. Green tea, chamomile, & argan oil are just a few examples of the plant-based & vegan-derived components that go into making their cruelty-free cosmetics. Plum provides a range of cruelty-free cosmetics to suit various preferences & requirements.

2. Colorbar

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

Colorbar, launched in 2004, is a successful Indian cosmetics brand. They provide various vegan & cruelty-free cosmetics for all skin tones. Colorbar is proud of its extensive national presence, supported by its many standalone shops & multi-brand outlets. Colorbar's vegan beauty range includes lipsticks, foundations, & eyeshadows.

3. Lotus Herbals

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

Lotus Herbals uses a blend of Ayurveda & modern science to produce high-quality cosmetics that last all day. Vegan cosmetics by Lotus Herbals nourish & preserve the skin with natural ingredients, including lotus extracts, almond oil, & sunflower oil.

4. SUGAR Cosmetics

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

SUGAR Cosmetics is an innovative vegan makeup brand with an extensive inventory of cruelty-free cosmetics. Excellent efficiency & quality are achieved via the use of vegan-derived components. All of SUGAR Cosmetics' products, from lipsticks to foundations to mascaras, are cruelty-free & vegan.

5. Iba Halal 

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

Iba Halal is India's first vegan & cruelty-free product line to get certification from PETA. They are committed to providing products that are free of alcohol, pig fat, animal-derived ingredients, & toxic chemicals, making them an ideal choice for those in search of cosmetic products that adhere to ethical standards.

6. Himalaya Herbals

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

Himalaya Herbals is a well-known vegan beauty company that creates cruelty-free cosmetics & skincare using only natural, plant-based ingredients. Vegan components, including aloe vera, neem, & turmeric, are included in their formulation process because of their curative & detoxifying effects.

7. Ruby's Organics 

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

Ruby's Organics is one of the cruelty-free makeup brands in India that focuses on using organic & locally-sourced ingredients. Their cosmetics essentials are handcrafted & infused with bio-organic ingredients to hydrate & nourish the complexion.

8. House Of Makeup 

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

House of Makeup has an excellent choice of natural, paraben-free cosmetics. Their dedication to cruelty-free business practices guarantees that their products are made using only natural, organic materials & that no animals suffer harm in the process.

9. MyGlamm 

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

Makeup brand MyGlamm is one of the few in India that does not test on animals & instead uses a powerful combination of natural ingredients like rare minerals, vitamins, & oils. Their European-inspired products emphasize the use of natural, chemical-free components.

10. FAE Beauty

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

FAE Beauty creates unfiltered, genuine, & unfiltered cosmetics for all skin types. Their vegan & cruelty-free line promotes individuality & hopes to alter conventional ideas of beauty.

11. Disguise Cosmetics 

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

Disguise Cosmetics is committed to reimagining beauty as something authentic, flawed, & entertaining. Their products are designed for genuine consumers & not tested on animals, empowering individuals to express themselves freely.

12. Daughter Earth

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

Daughter Earth is a natural & sustainable cosmetics line integrating Ayurvedic principles with cutting-edge technology. They are a great option for cruelty-free, vegan, & environmentally friendly cosmetic products.

13. KAY Beauty 

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

The KAY Beauty cosmetics collection, created by Indian actress Katrina Kaif, aims to celebrate women for who they really are. This cruelty-free line successfully combines beauty with concern, resulting in an array of excellent products.

14. WOC Beauty 

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

WOC Beauty takes great care to create cosmetics that complement individual skin tones, & all of its products are put through stringent evaluations on real consumers. This cruelty-free brand promotes acceptance & equality by providing accessible beauty products.

15. Just Herbs

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

Just Herbs produce vegan & Ayurvedic skincare & cosmetics. Their formulations contain botanicals & plant extracts with known therapeutic properties, such as neem, aloe vera, & sandalwood.

16. The Body Shop

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

The Body Shop is a well-known international retailer that specialises in cruelty-free & vegan cosmetics. They have an extensive inventory of cruelty-free cosmetics that are manufactured using only plant-based components. Foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows, & more are all available as vegan options at The Body Shop.

17. Soultree

Best Vegan Beauty Brands in India

Soultree is a cosmetics company that derives inspiration from both Ayurveda & modern science. They focus only on cruelty-free cosmetics produced from plant-based materials. Soultree's vegan-friendly formulas are made with only plant-based, all-natural components. Products like lipstick, kajal, & safe eyeliner for vegans are available. Their dedication to R&D ensures you can trust that their products will provide effective, safe answers to your health problems.


Makeup is a great method for people to show their individuality while supporting ethical beauty practices, which these 17+ brands are paving the way for. Remember that you're helping animals, the environment, & your skin by selecting cruelty-free & vegan cosmetics. Read labels carefully so you can make informed choices. 

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Q1. Which foundation is vegan?

Ans: Many brands on the list above offer vegan foundations, including Colorbar, Lotus Herbals, SUGAR, & more. Look through their product lines to find a foundation that works for you.

Q2. Which lipstick is vegan?

Ans: Vegan lipsticks are widely available from many brands, including those included in this article, like Colorbar, Lotus Herbals, SUGAR, Iba Halal, & many more. Explore their products to find your ideal cruelty-free, vegan lipstick.

Q3. Which makeup brand is 100% cruelty-free?

Ans: The beauty industry that does not use animal testing includes Iba Halal, SUGAR, MyGlamm, Disguise Cosmetics, KAY Beauty, & Daughter Earth.

Q4. Is Nykaa makeup vegan?

Ans: Some brands sold on Nykaa are cruelty-free & vegan. However, this is only true for some products the company trades. Check for vegan certifications or read product descriptions to find alternatives that meet your needs.

Q5. Is Mamaearth vegan?

Ans: Products from Mamaearth are well-known for being chemical-free & all-natural. There are several vegan alternatives, but only some are cruelty-free. To find vegan options, just read the labels or visit their website.

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