When you think of healthier alternative foods, most people think of vegetables, fruits and grains. But what if we tell you there are other choices out there? Some people think that being vegan means living off salads and pinto beans. But what they don't realize is there are three different types of vegetarians who don't consume any animal-based products — the lacto ovo vegetarian (LOV), who eat eggs and dairy; the ovo vegetarian, who only eat dairy products and eggs; and the vegan, who don't consume any eggs or dairy products.

When looking for healthier alternatives to meat, there are many different resources, but it may still be hard to determine which ones are the best plant-based options. The development of plant-based substitutes is one of many that has been developed over the years as a result of advances in food science. They are rapidly expanding among the internet community since, in contrast to other contemporary inventions, plant-based alternatives prioritize healthy eating. This is an alternative perspective on a market for food that focuses more on instant food, microwaveable meals, etc.

One of the sectors with the greatest growth among plant-based substitutes for dairy and other products is plant-based meat.

These are alternatives that may be found on the market to give vegetarians, meat eaters, flexitarians, etc. options. These substitutes are primarily created to mimic the flavor of meat and are healthier options for meat lovers and provide a variety of snacks for all types of diets.

But how do these plant based alternatives get the taste of meat? What do they constitute?

The Taste

During the 20th century, there were possibly one or two companies around the globe that were pushing the concept of plant based meat. Today, there are a plethora of companies in the world - all offering various kinds of snacks in the market.

Although each company has a different approach to their products, there are some overlaps. According to food scientists, the basic ingredients used are:

  • Soy Protein
  • Pea Protein
  • Wheat Protein

While soy and pea protein are often used to replicate the texture and bite of various animal based meats, wheat gluten protein (also known as seitan) mimics the bite and mouthfeel of meat really well. These base ingredients mixed with a variety of spices and formulas perfect plant-based meat.

However, some products often demand a different mix of ingredients. Take our Vegetarian Galouti Kebab for example. The product is modeled after a very famous kebab from Lucknow which is originally made with mutton. The main attraction of the Galouti is its melt in mouth feature, and to get that right, we use a combination of jackfruit, beetroot and ghee to mimic its signature taste.

A mix of vegetable fat in the form of coconut oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, or even sesame oil can be found in plant based meat. These vegetable fats help replicate the inherent juicy feature of animal-based meat.

On top of that, some ingredients such as nutritional yeast are used which really help bring out the flavour. All these ingredients are easily accessible and make for a really tasty (unbelievably so) pseudo meat.

The Health Aspect

While replicating the taste and structure of the meat, the ingredients used are all really simple and locally sourced which makes the products really simple and fresh to consume - almost as if they were made at home.

That also shows in the fact that all the products are cholesterol-free and trans fat-free. That is a huge differentiation for plant-based meat in comparison to animal-based meat products available in the market. Meat products (especially the processed ones) come with high cholesterol and fat which is not good for the body. As a result, they are known to cause health issues like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc.

Another very interesting differentiator of our plant based meat is that it does not use any synthetic preservatives. Many products available in the market today unfortunately come with a plethora of synthetic preservatives and additives to help prolong their shelf life.

Our products are manufactured in such a manner that we maintain the freshness of the product throughout - during and after manufacturing. Our delicious p(Sudo) meat snacks also come with a resealable zipper such that they can be used and then stored back in the freezer.

Opt for plant-based meat now and be rest assured that you are not losing out on taste, quality or nutrition. We call it a mighty choice for you and the planet!