Vegan Restaurants In Pune:

Are you looking for vegan restaurants in Pune? The vegan movement among celebsathletesbodybuilders, & many people has taken over Pune. More & more people eat plant-based meals for health, ethical, & environmental reasons. Therefore, niche vegan cafes that appeal to specific tastes & diets have emerged throughout the city. Also, Pune's vegan restaurants provide gluten-free & raw food alternatives. 

Best Vegan Restaurants In Pune:

Let's explore 10 vegan restaurants in Pune where you can enjoy delectable dishes while following your dietary restrictions. A wonderful food journey includes veganism, India's plant-based appetizers & dessert.

1. Best Vegan Cafe: Chafa Café & Studio

Vegan Restaurants In Pune

 Chafa Cafe & Studio, a beautiful cafe & studio surrounded by natural greenery, is the best vegan cafe in Pune with the aim of satiating all of your green cravings. It is located in Koregaon Park & also the first place serving raw & vegan food. They focus on making plant-based meals cooked at low temperatures (less than 48 degrees Celsius) to preserve as many nutrients as possible. Their menu includes fresh juices, salads, crepes, & desserts made from raw ingredients & bursting with freshness. This best vegan cafe in Pune's broad menu pleases vegan cuisine lovers of all tastes.

2. Best Vegan Pub & Bistro: Incognito 

Vegan Restaurants In Pune

Incognito is a vegan pub & bistro in Viman Nagar. It offers a twist on the traditional pub & bistro experience. This lively place serves everything from plant-based burgers & loaded fries to vegan nachos & finger-licking appetizers. This plant-based resturants in Pune is perfect for people who want a relaxed atmosphere & tasty vegan pub food.

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3. Best Vegan Restaurant: Dario's

Vegan Restaurants In Pune

Dario's, a great Italian restaurant in Koregaon Park, has joined the vegan trend by making a special vegan menu. They have taken traditional Italian recipes & reimagined them as delectable pleasures that can be made entirely from plants using their considerable culinary experience. Dario's, the best Italian vegan restaurant in Pune menu, includes traditional Italian flavors in their vegan risotto, pasta meals, & wood-fired pizzas.

4. Best Vegan Restaurant: Yogi Tree 

Vegan Restaurants In Pune

Yogi Tree, a vegan cafe in Koregaon Park, is a warm & welcoming spot. Yogi Tree is a restaurant that serves delicious vegan food that is healthy for you & meets your taste buds. Everything on the menu, from the vegan filling bowls to the reviving smoothies & juices, is made with care & the finest all-natural ingredients. This vegan cafe in Pune's serene vibe & friendly staff contributes to its attractiveness, making it a favorite among vegans & meat eaters in Pune.

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5. Best Vegan Cafe: The Real Green Cafe 

Vegan Restaurants In Pune

The Real Green Cafe is a best known plant based café in Pune & a paradise for people concerned about their health. It is located in Koregaon Park. This vegan cafe in Pune focuses on healthy vegan food & uses organic, locally grown products to make recipes. From nutrient-packed Buddha bowls to colorful salads & filling sandwiches, their menu is designed to nourish both the body & the soul.

6. Best Vegan Restaurant: The Flour Works 

Vegan Restaurants In Pune

The Flour Works is a must-visit for gluten-intolerant customers. Gluten-free fare is the specialty of this animal- & plant-friendly (vegan) restaurant in Kalyani Nagar. Every meal, from light pancakes to hearty soups & delicious desserts, has gluten-free options that don't sacrifice flavor or texture.

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7. Best Vegan Restaurant: Sante Spa Cuisine 

Vegan Restaurants In Pune

The vegan menu at Sante Spa Cuisine in Kalyani Nagar is renowned for its focus on health & wellness. You can choose from various soups, salads, sushi, & stir-fries with the best ingredients. Each meal is carefully prepared to bang a healthy balance between flavor & healthfulness. Sante Spa Cuisine is committed to providing a meal that is both delicious & beneficial to one's health.

8. Best Vegan Cafe: Suzette Creperie & Café 

Vegan Restaurants In Pune

Suzette Creperie & Café in Koregaon Park provides a selection of vegan treats & other delectable delights with French grace touch. This is the best French plant-based resturants in Pune. Their cafe menu includes vegan dessert crepes topped with fresh fruits & dairy-free options.

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9. Best Vegan Restaurant: Back To The Basics

Vegan Restaurants In Pune

Pune is home to several excellent restaurants, & one of the best vegan bakery is Back To The Basics, located in Wadgaon Sheri. This bakery provides everything you need for a celebration or enjoyment without guilt. With various vegan & even keto-friendly alternatives, Back To The Basics ensures everyone can enjoy their delicious creations without compromising their diet.

10. Best Vegan Cafe: Zen Cafe 

Vegan Restaurants In Pune

Zen Cafe is a hidden gem best vegan cafe in Punein Koregaon Park. As its name indicates, Zen Cafe is a peaceful & relaxing spot to spend time in. This café serves delicious food to vegans & meat lovers, including potato rosti, sandwiches, bread, dips, & more. Zen Cafe is a favorite among vegans in Pune since it serves various food preferences & offers hearty meals & healthy vegan snacks.


Pune welcomes veganism with open arms, as shown by the expanding number of vegan eateries serving locals & visitors. These Vegan Restaurants in Pune indicate the city's thriving plant-based culinary culture. So whether you're a committed vegan or simply curious to explore new cuisine options, these 10 Vegan Restaurants in Pune offer a variety of flavors & experiences that will satisfy your taste buds & nourish the soul.

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