Best Vegan Restaurants in Kolkata 

In Kolkata, while it is simple to locate plant-based restaurants all around, it can be more difficult to locate eateries that provide vegan-friendly meals.

In order to compile a list of vegan cafes we went ahead and combed the city for you to try with your friends the next time you go out to dine. Additional benefit? These are reasonably priced.

List of Best Plant-Based Vegan Restaurants of Kolkata.

Ubuntu Community

Best Vegan Restaurants in Kolkata

The first 100% vegan cafe in the city, Ubuntu Community was established by two environmental activists and is situated within a small road off Dhakuria. They have Sahi Vada, which is actually dahi vada, prepared with peanut milk.

Their small burgers come with their house-made dip and buns made from beetroot and spinach, sandwiching soy and wheat patties. Ubuntu serves everything from nutritious smoothie bowls and black coffee to burgers, home-baked pizza, pasta, the classic kosha mangsho, and desserts.

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The ON Cafe

Best Vegan Restaurants in Kolkata

The ON (Only Nutrition) Cafe, which is situated in Bhawanipur, offers a large variety of Chinese, North Indian, Italian, and Continental cuisine with guilt-free healthy variations. gorge on a variety of vegan and gluten-free dishes.

They offer gluten-free rajma chawal, tofu wraps, brown noodles, rice noodles, vegan pizzas, and special dishes for people with diabetes and high cholesterol.

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The Daily

Best Vegan Restaurants in Kolkata

The Daily also has vegan meal options, such as salads and hummus platters. The Keen-Waah salad, created with quinoa, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, olives, leaves, lemon dressing, and fresh herbs, is a good option for health nuts.

Together with Baba Toast, there is a Warm Granary salad as well. Berry cakes made with vegan almond milk and whipped cream are available as desserts.

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Sienna Cafe

Best Vegan Restaurants in Kolkata

Sienna Café is a tiny, cosy restaurant that provides delicious plant-based food and is situated in Hindustan Park. A delectable range of salads, major dishes, and beverages is available.

Almond milk can be used in place of conventional milk in coffee and tea. Also, they provide vegan treats. For particular recipes, Sienna can also develop a vegan preparation.

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The Flaming Bowl

Best Vegan Restaurants in Kolkata

The Flaming Bowl is a vegan cafe that serves dishes with influences from nine different Asian nations. It is situated on Harish Mukherjee Road, just across from Azad Hind Dhaba and close to Balwant Singh Dining House.

Choose the Thai Dragon Noodles, Phad Stew, or Moon Fan Rice among the many other options available since about half of the menu is vegan.

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FabCafe By Fabindia

Best Vegan Restaurants in Kolkata

Many vegan options are available at Fabcafe as it is a vegetarian restaurent. Also, there are beetroot idlis, vegan upma and parathas, smoothie bowls, boiling quinoa, multigrain parathas, quinoa rotis, and more.

Moreover, they provide Vegan Cold Coffee sweetened with dates and Vegan Chai prepared with almond milk and jaggery. Moreover, sample their pastries and vegan ice cream.

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Also, you don't have to worry about sticking to your diet in case travelling to Bangalore because there are plenty of options available for vegans and other people who like plant-based diets. There is food for everyone, from ethnic cuisines to classic Indian dishes.

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