Vegan Restaurants In Delhi

Delhi, the bustling capital of India, is famous for its rich history, vibrant culture, & diverse food sites. So if you are a vegan or want to try new plant-based foods, Delhi has much to offer. So let's try 11 vegan restaurants in Delhi, India's lively capital city, to taste, support sustainability, & enjoy cruelty-free appetizer dining.

Best Vegan (Plant-Based) Restaurants In Delhi

Come along and explore Delhi's best vegan restaurants. Find the top ten places serving delicious plant-based food. Enjoy a variety of flavors and creative dishes. Dive into the thriving vegan food scene of Delhi and experience its culinary delights. Don't pass up these amazing dining opportunities. Have a great time!

1. Best Vegan Restaurant: People Of Tomorrow

Best Vegan Restaurants In Delhi

 People Of Tomorrow, a vegan restaurant in Chattarpur's Dhan Mill, is a convenient stop after a day of shopper's therapy. Try this one if you're looking for a vegan restaurant that won't disappoint. 

This renowned vegan restaurant in Delhi's kitchen sitting counter emphasizes People of Tomorrow's sustainability promises. This kitchen has no single-use plastic—not even food-storage cling film. Three ingredients—truffle oil, artichokes, & balsamic vinegar—are imported. Everything else is mostly local & processed in-house. The menu includes small dishes, tacos, burgers, pizzas, pasta, risotto, & desserts.

2. Best Vegan Cafe: Greenr Cafe

Best Vegan Restaurants In Delhi

Greenr Cafe is a well-known vegetarian cafe in the Greater Kailash 1 area.  In 2015, Nitin Dixit & Mohit Yadav created Greenr Café, an Indian café franchise that promotes conscious consumption, healthy living, & sustainability. This "conscious consumption" notion emphasizes ethical sourcing, quality, & value while choosing food & products. 

This renowned vegan cafe in Delhi's menu includes delicious spaghetti, bean nachos, & pizza made with fresh garden vegetables. The cozy atmosphere, nature-inspired decor, & upbeat music make it an excellent place for people.

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3. Best Plant-Based Dessert Restaurant: V Are Vegan

Best Vegan Restaurants In Delhi

V Are Vegan is Best Plant-Based Restaurant in Delhi, run by Ambrosia Hospitality, which offers vegan alternatives to traditional desserts, including ice cream & ice cream cakes. They use exclusively plant-based ingredients & never use processed sugar in their goods. So indulge without remorse in these delectable delicacies, sweetened only with natural ingredients.

4. Best Plant-Based Restaurant: One8Commune

Best Vegan Restaurants In Delhi

One8Commune is a well-known best vegan located around the Delhi/National Capital Region, serving food focusing on health & flavor. This best plant-based restaurant in Delhi provides vegan & vegetarian options using various millets, grains, & superfoods. Cauliflower 65 Gravy, Signature Black Chicken, & Truffle Flavoured Broken Wheat Haleem

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5. Best Vegan Cafe: Cafe Rose

Best Vegan Restaurants In Delhi

Rose Cafe, located in Lado Sarai, is warm & friendly. Vegans may choose from items like spaghetti, s&wiches, pumpkin salad, & delicious vegan banana cake from their menu. It is ideal for unwinding & enjoying a fast coffee or meal with companions or peers.

6. Best Vegan Cake Cafe: The Imperial Patisserie

Best Vegan Restaurants In Delhi

The Imperial Patisserie at The Imperial New Delhi serves the "Finest Vegan Cake in the Country." "Finest Vegan Cake in the Country" is made with layers of chocolate, apricot, biscoff, & caramel that are so smooth they almost seem to float. The cake is made with vegans in mind; it contains no dairy products & is an excellent option for those who choose dairy-free or chocolate over other sweets. 

Imperial Patisserie, Delhi's best vegan cake specialty, provides a city-first cake parade. The finish of this one-of-a-kind patisserie is exquisite & as vital to its flavor combinations as the ingredients themselves. 

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7. Best Vegan Cafe: Fab Cafe By Fab India

Best Vegan Restaurants In Delhi

Fab Cafe is a vegan restaurant close to Humayun's Tomb that provides individual dietary requirements. Options that are suitable for keto diets, gluten-free diets, dairy-free diets, & sugar-free diets are all included on their menu. This renowned vegan cafe in Delhi's menu includes Six-grain Parantha, Vegan Cold Coffee, & Rainbow Salad.

8. Best Plant-Based Restaurant: Green Mantis 

Best Vegan Restaurants In Delhi

Green Mantis, a vegan restaurant in Khan Market. This well-known vegan restaurant in Delhi is famous for Pan-Asian cuisine. While you take in the ambiance of this plant-based restaurant, treat yourself to some of their delicious Korean dumplings, a Tempura asparagus roll, & one of their one-of-a-kind drinks. 

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9. Best Vegan Restaurant: Kiara Soul Kitchen

Best Vegan Restaurants In Delhi

Kiara Soul Kitchen, located in Greater Kailash 2, is a well-liked healthy restaurant known for its innovative fusion of Indian & Asian flavors. Gluten-free & vegan alternatives are available, making them suitable for people with restricted diets. This well-known vegan restaurant in Delhi's menu is raw papaya salad, grilled sweet potato kebabs, caramelized baby corn & more.

10. Best Vegan Restaurant: Veg Gulati Restaurant 

Best Vegan Restaurants In Delhi

The 'Veg Gulati Restaurant' is a popular vegetarian option on Pandara Road. There is a designated area for onion- & garlic-free dishes. 'Without Onion & Garlic' is a menu option. This well-known vegan restaurant in Delhi's menu includes Dal Makhani, flavourful Biryani, decadent Dilbagh Kofta, Malai Chaap, Dahi Kebabs, & more.

11. Best Vegan Cafe: Keventers

Best Vegan Restaurants In Delhi

Keventers, a renowned milkshake company founded in 1925, recently received PETA India's Best Vegan Ice Cream award for its delicious new coconut milk-based vegan scoops. This best vegan cafe in Delhi is a delightful addition to Delhi's vegan & vegetarian dining scene. This cafe outlets in Delhi ensures a wholesome & satisfying experience for plant-based food lovers.


Vegan-friendly restaurants are many in Delhi. These 11 vegan restaurants in Delhi will fulfill your hunger whether you're a strict vegetarian or just trying to eat more healthily & sustainably. 

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