Top 9 Best Vegan Restaurants in Bangalore

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka state in India, has a rich food culture that has evolved over centuries.

The city's cuisine reflects the diverse communities that reside here, including the Kannadigas, Tamils, Telugus, and Marwaris. Rice, lentils, and vegetables form the staple diet of the local population.

Some popular dishes from Bangalore include dosa, idli, vada, bisi bele bhath, and masala dosa.

Healthy eating and veganism are now becoming very popular in Bangalore as people become more aware of what they are putting on their plates.

The days of dismissing veganism as uninteresting, unpalatable, or a fad have long since passed.

This is because  brands like Sudo Foods are pushing boundaries to make the meatiest vegan snacks that are healthy and tasty so there isn't any fuss about taking the vegan route.

But on the days when you feel like going out and looking for plant-based restaurants in Bangalore, this is the piece for you to read.

Nowadays, a lot of cafés and restaurants include inventive and freshly prepared vegan recipes and textures without sacrificing flavour.

Here we have listed out best vegan cafes in Bangalore that are totally worth a shot:

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List of Vegan Restaurants in Bangalore:

1) Burma Burma

Best Vegan Restaurants in Bangalore

Burma Burma is an all-vegetarian Burmese restaurant that serves delicious vegetarian fare.

They are also vegan-friendly because of the huge amounts of coconut milk used in their broths and bowls.

Try their lotus stem chips; you won't regret it. Their salads and small platters are popular and ideal for sharing.

Family, family friends, and picky eaters can all enjoy it because they even provide gluten-free and Jain-friendly options! They are one of the best vegan restaurants in bangalore. 

2) Sante Spa Cuisine: 

Best Vegan Restaurants in Bangalore

Sante truly recognizes how to draw you in with an extensive menu, a children's area, a reading nook, and a pet-friendly space! In addition to their vegan menu, they also offer a gluten-free, keto, and conventional vegetarian option.

They will even prepare dishes specifically for you according to your needs! They cultivate their own microgreens and greens, including kale, and everything is locally sourced.

Pizza verde and the Capri House Salad come highly recommended. Before you dismiss it, give it a shot!

3) The Yogisthaan Cafe: 

Best Vegan Restaurants in Bangalore

Vegans will certainly enjoy Yogisthaan Cafe's healthy fare. You can binge on Chila (chickpea crepes) with mint chutney if you come here for breakfast.

The Kodo Millet Poha is another option. Additionally, you may opt for their Quinoa Burger, which is created with quinoa combined with fruit, spring onions, and fresh hummus.

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4) Good Grain Cafe: 

Best Vegan Restaurants in Bangalore

Earth Food is a 100% vegan restaurant that offers a variety of dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world.

Their menu includes items like tacos, stir-fries, and wraps, all made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

5) JustBe Cafe: 

Best Vegan Restaurants in Bangalore

JustBe is a nice spot if you're just getting started because it has an unique vegan menu (as well as a cute shop and event hub for those of you adopting it as a lifestyle).

All of their meals are standardised with dairy substitutes that are vegan. Start with Enchanting, which consists of pickled veggies, almond cheese dip, guacamole, methi nachos, and tulsi salsa.

Try one of their superfood bowls; it works! Additionally, if you want dessert, try their chocolate chia pudding.

6) Go Native Cafe: 

Best Vegan Restaurants in Bangalore

Go Native Cafe places a big emphasis on using locally and ethically sourced ingredients.

If you are familiar with the South Indian cuisine, you are aware that most dishes may be made without ghee and cream.

Start with their warming carrot, coconut, and ginger soup or their Wheat N Nut salad with a light lemon-jaggery dressing for cooler days.

Try their Zucchini Zoodles, which are also gluten free, or their Cabbage Aaki Roti with Averkai Curry paired with tomato chutney for the main course.

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7) Green Theory:  

The menu at Green Theory is vegetarian and organic, and it is served in a charming old home.

The Tomato and Hemp Powder Soup is a fantastic way to start your meal. Thai Curry with Rice should be served after that.

With their Hing Waale Aloo and Puri, which will make you miss home, you can't go wrong. They also provide single origin coffee.

On request, most dishes can be turned vegan. You can definitely count them as one of the best vegan restaurants in bangalore.

8) Lucky Vegan: 

Best Vegan Restaurants in Bangalore


Lucky Vegan is a vegan deli that has blessed us with cheeses, spreads, and dips including vegan chevre (a French goat's cheese), hummus, muhammara, tofu scallion cream cheese, and so many more.

Additionally, you can make your own cheese or dip platter or request for appetisers like crackers or crudités. 

9) Rainbow Cafe: 

Best Vegan Restaurants in Bangalore

Rainbow cafe is a vegan cafe in Bangalore that offers a variety of international dishes. Their menu includes items like stir-fries, curries, and pizzas, all made with fresh, plant-based ingredients.

Bangalore offers a wealth of options for vegans and those seeking plant-based options. From international cuisines to traditional Indian dishes, there is something for everyone.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal or a quick bite, these restaurants offer a range of delicious and healthy options that are sure to satisfy.

Rest assured, for when you feel like staying in and having a party of one or many - Sudo Foods has always got your back with vegan options like Kind Chicken Popcorn, Clean Labelled Momos and Galouti Kebabs, among many others.