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Frequently Asked Questions

You’re right, plants don’t grow meat. But at the intersection of food and science, we found that plants can make something that very closely mimics the taste and feel of meat. Our culinary wizards combined some superfoods and our secret spice mix to make our drool-worthy plant based healthy meat substitutes. Our “Kind” meat is sooo good that it’s sure to fool you for real meat. We swear!

Yes, it absolutely can. Sudo Foods’ meatless products are made from a variety of plant-based ingredients such as soy, wheat gluten, peas or beans. They make for perfect ingredients that closely mimic the texture and flavour of animal based meat.

We ask you - Why not?! As former meat lovers, we devoured meat only because it tasted so good. With plant based substitutes which not only taste like meat but also look and cook like animal based meat, it is a no-brainer to make the switch (at least partly). We slaughter 50 billion chickens every year only to relish that tangdi kebab. All this at the cost of unsustainable use of planet resources. If cattle were a country, it would rank third in greenhouse gas emissions - right after China and the US. We are not exaggerating.

Our products are made from all things nutritious and ethical. We firmly believe food should come from a kitchen and not a lab. Our products don’t come with a complicated list of chemicals or additives or preservatives that you don’t understand.

They are made from soy, wheat gluten, pea, beans and vegetables. That’s where we get our protein from. In addition to these, we also use a special concoction of spices.

Our plant based foods are for everyone. They are delicious and that is reason enough for you to try them - whether you are vegetarian, vegan or even a meat lover. While they are made from plants, they are beat animal based meat products - both in terms of taste and nutritional value. We also promise ethical ingredients and no added preservatives.

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